One really long day

Yesterday, I woke up early (after closing the store the night before), headed out to the bus stop. Waited for a late bus. Ended up missing the light rail due to the already mentioned late bus. Took another light rail 30 minutes south. Walked 1.5 miles to a coffee shop and met a nice young couple who are moving into a house in the first of the month. They are looking for a roommate to help keep the rent low. We are all students. So, it will be good for me to be around other people. I don’t want to say too much yet. They had one other person to meet before they tell me if I got the room. I thought it went well. But, I don’t think I’m a good judge of that.

I got home just in time to grab a quick bite to eat and grab the bike, which I’m glad I didn’t take down there. It’s easier to ride the light rail without the bike. And the main street I had to take after getting off the light rail was not bicycle friendly. I decided to ride to downtown from my house. But, halfway there, I had yet another flat tire. I had one on Friday on the front wheel. This one was in the back wheel. I didn’t have a spare ready, so I asked a delivery driver to go to the local bike shop down the road so that I didn’t have to walk all the way home.

Then, the came the dinner rush from hell. It wasn’t something I should have been used too. I had gone through similar rushes while at my previous store. This store is routinely slower. So, perhaps I’m getting rusty. Also, after slapping out over 200 skins, my already sore shoulder was killing me. I’m glad that at least one insider is getting up to speed on making good skins. As she progresses, I won’t be as taxed on evenings such as this.

I even got a chance to check out the house. Well, the exterior of the house. They don’t have the keys yet. It’s an older house, built in 1892. But, from what I could see through windows, it doesn’t look to bad. And it’s close to light rail to Downtown Denver. And the monthly price is right.

Keeping my fingers crossed. I like this one.


About Frogtosser

A former sailor and pizza maker who is done hiding from the world and is now living life to it's fullest extent. I'm a single speed bicycle commuter who enjoys writing and photography. I'm a voracious reader. And a huge geek!
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