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The dangers of bike riding

Most of the time, I’m a very cautious cyclist. I wear a helmet. I’m always aware of my surroundings. But, sometimes I get a little brazen in downtown traffic. I can often ride faster than downtown traffic. But, I am … Continue reading

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Promises, Promises

I know I wrote in my last entry that I was going outside. But, I remembered that I haven’t taken my pills this morning. I carry them in my backpack since I don’t usually eat at home. And at least … Continue reading

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Doing something for myself

A couple of nights ago, my roommate asked me when my Spring Break is and whether or not I had made plans to go anywhere. I haven’t made plans. And don’t really intend to. I can’t afford to go anywhere. … Continue reading

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Riding the Platte

There is a bike/walking path along the Platte River in downtown Denver. Up until Wednesday, I had never been down there. I say “down there”, because it’s about 10 feet below street level. It’s all open above, except where bridges … Continue reading

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Support Group Quorum

I went to support group last night. But, there were only a couple of us who showed up. This was the week where it’s a smaller group anyway. But, that wasn’t reason. There is an event in Denver this weekend … Continue reading

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Aftermath from the Wisconsin post

I was in a mood yesterday. I invited responses. But, after sleeping on it. I’d rather not continue down that road. There are a two people who asked me questions and will get a response. But, other than that, I … Continue reading

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The Wisconsin Teacher Post. Bring it.

This will undoubtedly make my liberal friends angry at me. Yes, I’m mostly writing this because of what’s happening in Wisconsin. But, I’ve been seeing the same problem bubbling up in my native California over the last several years. It’s … Continue reading

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