Scheduling Conflict

Yesterday, with all the talk on Twitter about the upcoming Ignite Boulder 14, I suddenly realized that I had a scheduling conflict. I have support group on Thursday nights. What do I do?

I love Ignite. And I have already bought a ticket. I haven’t missed one, I don’t think, since the first one I attended at the Chemistry building on the CU Boulder campus. But, I’m also getting a lot out of going to support group. I mentioned my quandary on the Twitter. And was soon bombarded by requests for my attendance at the Ignite. Wow. I didn’t know I was so popular. I’ll try not to get a big head about the matter.* This week’s support group will undoubtedly have news from the people who went to Gold Rush. And it’s the week that tends to have more people in attendance.

I weighed my options for a good couple of minutes. And decided that all though I get a lot out of support group, it occurs every week. Ignite is only 4 times a year. And I do enjoy seeing friends that I only see there. And apparently there are some people who want to meet me. So, I can’t let my fans down, can I?*

*If you can’t hear the snark in these sentences, I must be doing something wrong.


About Frogtosser

A former sailor and pizza maker who is done hiding from the world and is now living life to it's fullest extent. I'm a single speed bicycle commuter who enjoys writing and photography. I'm a voracious reader. And a huge geek!
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One Response to Scheduling Conflict

  1. Sedulous Orphic says:

    I do hope you have made the decision to go to this event that only happens four times a year. Do have fun for when you return to your group your experience may provide inspiration for another. Your experience there may be just the curiosity to spark a new member to the group to talk.

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