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The ever increasing importance of Thursday nights

It would seem I’m not happy until my calendar is overflowing with commitments. Between school, work and the various side projects I’m working on, I barely have enough time for me. Sure, like most of you, I spend quite a … Continue reading

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Quick Check In

I’ve been extremely busy as of late. I just noticed that it’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote here. The reasons are few. No excuses. But, they are more important than this blog. I have papers to write … Continue reading

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Venturing outside my comfort zone

As I posted before, this past Thursday was an incredibly long day. But, the way it ended was how I’ll remember it. After the evening support group meeting, some people were headed down the street to a local favorite lesbian … Continue reading

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Thursday was started by the devil

I’m sitting here at the library falling asleep. I’ve grown to detest Thursdays. Some of it is my own damn fault. Sometimes I schedule stuff like doctors appointments on Thursdays without really thinking about it. Then while going over my … Continue reading

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Roommate’s loss

I awoke this morning to the news of my roommate’s father’s death. Apparently, his father was out for a walk and was hit by a car. My roommate is roughly 20 years older than me. So, that would put his … Continue reading

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So much for the confidence

My day started off very productive. I started two loads of laundry, rode downtown to get some studying done. I saw a movie and had an early meal. I then rode to a pub where a friend was having a … Continue reading

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Dodger Blue

Disclaimer: I am a life long fan of the ridiculously named Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I say this because there will be some who say my writing is slanted against the Dodgers. I hope the post below dispels this. … Continue reading

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