I too tried to pray it away when I was a kid

My Faith: How I learned to stop ‘praying away the gay’ – CNN Belief Blog – CNN.com Blogs.

I found this story on CNN today. It’s about a young gay man who used to try to pray to god when he was a kid asking that he not be gay. He was getting all sorts of signs from society, from people he respected, telling him what he was feeling was wrong.

I too prayed late at night, every night, asking god to make me stop wanting to be a girl. I don’t remember when I stopped. But, I remember it being a nightly thing for many years.

My prayers never were answered. The pessimistic part of me says that’s why I’m an atheist today. That, and the things I saw being done in the name of “God” as I got older.

Religions, if they serve a need, should be used in compassionate ways, such as feeding the homeless and helping people who have lived through a natural disaster. I know someone who helps rescue young girls escape child prostitution in Southeast Asia. The organization she works for is a religious one. I don’t put her down for working for a religious organization. The work they do is important.

What I do slam religions for are legislating their morality through lobbying and political fundraising efforts. For pushing a social agenda of hate in sermans. Those are wrong. Stop preaching hate. Is that what Jesus would do?


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