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Apolitical Blues

I used to be one of the biggest politcal activists you’d ever meet. Using the word passionate seems like an understatement. How I became a Young Republican is quite another story. But, I’ll put it this way. My childhood idols … Continue reading

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Always Get Up This Is What Determination Looks Like – Watch more Funny Videos

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Why Was This Illegal?

60 Awesome Photos of Gay People Just Married In NY. Great photos. It’s hard not to shed a tear for all of these people. Especially those who have been together for decades. Bonus points if you can find the billionaire … Continue reading

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There Will Be Tears

After doing some house work today, I headed downtown. I needed to get on the bike. With no destination planned, I went to a local lesbian bar where I sometimes find friends. By the time I arrived, I was hot … Continue reading

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Assaulting the Urban

Yesterday, my riding partner, and about 1,500 people asaulted the roads of Denver. It was a fun experience. I should do things like this more often. About a month ago, a twitter friend and fellow bicycle enthusiast, Lesley asked if … Continue reading

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I know a few people who might benefit from closely listening to this song. Filmed live at KROQ’s Weenie Roast in 1994. Don’t hate me because I’m an Oingo Boingo fangirl.

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Parting Ways

Just a funny little observation I made this morning. Men with short hair part to the side. Men with long hair part in the middle. When I first grew my hair out, I didn’t know what to do with it. … Continue reading

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