Lesbians giving Hormone Blockers to Son

In this post, I’ll use male pronouns just to keep it clear that this child is a genetic male seeking transition to female. No offense to the child, his family, or anyone else is intended.

News broke yesterday that a lesbian couple is giving their 11 year old adopted son “hormone blockers” because he says he is transgender. This child is certainly not the only child in the world taking these drugs. But, it undoubtedly made the news because a lesbian couple are the parents.

These hormone blockers are a little different from what I’m taking. I take spironolactone to block testosterone already in my system. These drugs he is taking are a relatively new development and have been used in Europe for a few years. What they do, is delay the onset of puberty in prepubescent children so that more time can be taken by medical professionals and quite frankly, the child to explore whether the child is really suffering from gender dysphoria. While taking this medication, he won’t grow facial or chest hair. His voice won’t break. and his skin won’t become tough and greasy. He may not even grow taller.

I really don’t see the harm in doing this. From what I have read, this child has insisted from the age of three that he really is a girl. and has, for the last couple of years been attempting self mutilation. So, why not give his doctors more time to correctly determine what is going on. People against this sort of thing are saying that he should wait until he’s 18 years old to transition. And that might be what eventually happens. But, really if he is allowed to proceed adult male hood while going through puberty, some of that won’t be easily reversible. And I can tell you from personal experience, my depression got exponentially worse once puberty set in. I hated shaving. And once my voice changed, I didn’t like talking. Why put the kid through that kind of hell if you don’t have too. He’s being seen by medical professionals. Let them do their work.

Of course, this case almost makes it too easy for those against to say that his parents are influencing him. They say if he had a positive male role model in the house, he wouldn’t want to be a girl. That may be the case. But, I don’t think that’s a definite. There have been plenty of males who have been raised by lesbian couples who have not come out as transgender. You simply can’t say that one is caused by the other.

I say, give him time to decide. I really wish I had this option when I was his age.


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