Winter Bike Shopping Procrastination

I forget when the official date of winter is. But, we might as well be there. At least here in Denver. We’ve had snow on the ground most of this past week. And we’re supposed to get more on Tuesday or Wednesday. It was so cold on Thursday, that the support group meeting was canceled. I could have made it. I was out on my bike earlier in the day. But, not everyone is willing to go out in the bitter cold. If you throw in the fact that Thanksgiving was the Thursday before that, we haven’t had a meeting in two weeks. Hopefully the weather will be good enough to have it this week. One thing I haven’t had time to do is shop for an adequate winter bike. I knew winter would get here eventually. And I knew my bike wasn’t the best for riding on snow. My bike is an aluminum Specialized Langster. It’s a great road bike. But, when it snows, it’s nice to have something with a little more grip. Which, is something I could do as well. I could just save some money, by putting some knobby tires on it. I might just do that until I can make up my mind about what I want to do. .


About Frogtosser

A former sailor and pizza maker who is done hiding from the world and is now living life to it's fullest extent. I'm a single speed bicycle commuter who enjoys writing and photography. I'm a voracious reader. And a huge geek!
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