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Pump Up The Volume

Trying to get several “online” friends together is like herding cats. That’s what my friend Sarah and I had been lamenting over the last few months after discussion of the old movie Pump Up The Volume on Twitter turned into … Continue reading

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Primary Care Indoctrination

 Last week, while right in the midst of a sinus infection and nasty cough, I traveled out to the VA to fulfill a previously scheduled appointment to meet my new primary care doctor.  I have been utilizing the VA for … Continue reading

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Weird side effect to sinus infection

 One of the weirdest side effect I’ve experienced during this sinus infection is tooth pain. And the weird thing was that I only felt it when I was riding my bike.  I knew it had to be a coincidence that … Continue reading

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The Down Side To Being a Bike Commuter

I think it’s been about 3 weeks since I got sick. I’ve stopped keeping track. I felt a scratch in my throat for about a week before it finally developed into a full blown sinus infection and full on guttural … Continue reading

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Zoe Keating Concert

I had to trade work shifts to be able to go to a concert on Saturday. When coworkers asked who I was going to see in concert, they all tilted their heads like confused dogs when I admitted I was … Continue reading

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“Do you know this guy?”

I’m currently reading Ben Mezrich’s “Bringing Down the House” about a group of M.I.T. students who took card counting to Vegas. I took a quick break from reading it last night to watch the movie adaptation called “21”. It’s quite … Continue reading

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Wow. Somebody is Mad

 I recently looked back on my last blog post and can see the influence of heavy doses of cold and flu medicine. But, as sentimental as it may have seemed, it wasn’t written to actually make the woman in question … Continue reading

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