1 Year In Residence

 Since yesterday was the Super Bowl and I work make pizzas, I had to work. I hope it’s my last Super Bowl. I said the same thing last year. But, apparently I was wrong. Business was slower than we expected. So, since Sunday is usually my day off, I was able to leave early. 

At any rate, since I was busy yesterday, I didn’t notice the date yesterday until I was organizing my schedule for this week. Yesterday was February 5th. And such, marks the one year anniversary of my current abode. It’s been an interesting year. 

I’ve already written about how my life changed in 2011. But, what I’d like to write about living here. I need to think about it because I’m thinking about coming out to my roommate. He’s an older guy. He’s in his 50’s. He’s a voice coach. So, you see why I’m thinking about it. 

At the beginning of 2011 I was still living in a basement. This move gave me the opportunity to live above ground for the first time since breaking up with the girlfriend. In fact, if you looked out my window, it would look like I was living up on the second floor. That’s because there is a walk out little apartment directly below me. I was here for a better part of three months before I saw the door behind all the overgrown weeds. Someone was renting it but chose not to live there. But, just after Halloween, she came to fetch her things. I thought about trying to move in. But, I hesitated since I’m a little gun shy about living alone. The opportunity passed and a young woman moved in. 

She and her friends have been nothing but a headache. Up all hours of the night talking, laughing. This probably wouldn’t be an issue if she lived in an apartment building. But, here in this old house, we can here every word. Every teenage girl machine gun giggle. They’ve stopped smoking pot inside. That was a fun smoke filled night. So, yeah. This has me thinking about moving. 

When it comes to my roommate, he’s a nice man. My mom says he would probably be ok with my news. She calls him “A gentle soul”. I see what she means. He has an interesting personality. He comes across as a really nice, but passive guy who has let people walk over him for too long. There are times, when he speaks about previous roommates, or the girl down stairs, when his frustration breaks through. Thankfully, he likes me. Because if he didn’t, I might be out of here. 

I think he needs me. He’s had previous roommates. And he asked me if I plan on staying longer than my previous estimate. His sole occupation is his vocal coach work with singers. And as you can imagine, there aren’t that many people looking for singing coaches in this economy. 

But, they do come. He has a studio on one side of the house above the garage. This side is where he spends most of his time. My bedroom and office are on the other side. So, outside of when he’s sleeping across the hall from me, we generally spend time apart. 

We usually don’t see each other much. Maybe a good morning or have a good day here and there. When I first moved in, we talked about going out for a bike ride. Just looking around at the bikes, ski helmets and pictures gives me the impression he used to be a more active person. But over the summer he waved me off enough that I don’t ask anymore. 

He has two dogs. And during the winter months, he exercises him by having him chase a laser down the hall and back. And yes, he barks. Just outside the door to my room. That first morning was fun. It was the best alarm clock I’ve ever been subjected too. But, he’s toned that down quite a bit. The roommate knows I work late. And so now he waits until he hears me stirring. We come up with a fairly good routine. He waits until I’m up and in the bathroom rubbing my eyes trying to wake up while attempting to brush my hair. That’s when I hear the Australian Shepherd barreling up and down the hallway. 

I don’t see staying here much longer than a year more. I’d like my own place. My own privacy outside one bedroom and an office. But, the current situation is what I need right now. I purposefully looked out for roommate situations because I haven’t doing well on my own. I did some house sitting three or four years back. And each time, the lack of human contact got too me. But, I do know that I’m a much different person now. I have actual friends who I spend time with. I’ve come to some acceptance regarding the gender stuff. And the social anxiety is much less of a factor than it used to be. So, I’ll give it another year of preparation. And hopefully I’ll be able to afford a little studio apartment. 

Heck, maybe that 1 bedroom apartment downstairs will open up soon. 


About Frogtosser

A former sailor and pizza maker who is done hiding from the world and is now living life to it's fullest extent. I'm a single speed bicycle commuter who enjoys writing and photography. I'm a voracious reader. And a huge geek!
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