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The VA Hospital Roadblock Still Stands

I am sitting here in a deli eating lunch across the street from the Denver VA hospital. I’m frustrated that I can’t get online. But, I’m furious that I’ve been denied female hormones because I don’t cross dress. When I … Continue reading

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PTSD Session #4

I didn’t write about PTSD session #3. I meant too. But, honestly, it wasn’t very noteworthy. She read some things about PTSD and the treatment I’m there for and had me record it to listen to later. Then she showed … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

As my self confidence improves of late, I’ve been looking into some boxes stored since the relationship with the ex broke up. In these not so mini time capsules, I’m finding artifacts no longer needed. But, things I wasn’t ready … Continue reading

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Encouraging Words From the Edge

The other day, while chatting with a good friend, I said that I hope I’ll have enough guts to move on with my life without having a life threatening disease or event get me out of the funk that I’m … Continue reading

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A Fair For Jobs

Today in Denver is the second annual Transgender Job Fair. I’m thinking of all my trans friends and the organizers. I’ll be keeping my ear close to the social media grapevine to hear how things go. Nope. Not gonna be … Continue reading

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PTSD Counseling Episode #2

As I sat in traffic this afternoon, my mind was elsewhere. I was looking at the grassy side of the onramp on the other side of the freeway. But, my mind was searching for a question. What exactly did she … Continue reading

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