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532 Days

I’m sitting here, surrounded by stacks of clothes I have yet to put away or get rid of. I’m mostly moved in. Back in the house where this journey started. From the day that I left this house to the … Continue reading

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Grabbing the Bull By the Horns

This is the result of the tumble I took the other night. My thighs landed on the bullhorn handlebars as I flew onto the pavement. There's a smaller version on my left leg. Posted with Blogsy

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Head First

Last night, I left an offering of skin to the asphalt gods. And this morning, I woke up with bruised thighs, a scraped up and very sore left pinky finger and wrist, a wrenched back, sore sternum and it felt … Continue reading

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The Joke

When riding on summer months, I learned that I needed to do two things. One is to carry plenty of water. The other is to take plenty of breaks. These breaks are usually very boring affairs consisting of reading in … Continue reading

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