Why “Tossing Frogs”

Back in 2007, I was using my real name as my twitter ID. I wasn’t comfortable doing so. I could see potential employers googling my name and taking something I said on Twitter out  of context. I have a very dry sense of humor. Which is something not everyone gets. Especially in text.

While talking to a friend about this, I recounted a story from my youth. My family lived in a newer house that backed up to an older house that had a frog pond. Being the stereotypical Californians, my parents put in a swimming pool. Not too long after that, we started finding frogs swimming in our pool. Since we were fishing these frogs out of the pool with a net on a long pole, it seemed like fun to send them back via air mail. Hey, what can I say. I was a kid.

I suddenly realized this was a great analogy to why I wanted to blog. I have been a long sufferer of social anxiety. There are things I want to say. Things I want to do with my life. I’m tired of social anxiety and depression holding me back. So, along with medication, I’ve decided to throw these “frogs” over the fence where they belong.

So, always look up. You never know when I might be throwing frogs. 🙂

Disclaimer: Some people have asked me the following questions about my username. None of them are true. They are funny. But, not true:

Q: Do you throw French people?

A: No. But, it sounds fun.

Q. Tosser is British slang for masturbating. Do you help get frogs off?

A. No. If I had known more British slang, I probably would have gone with “Frogthrower”.



2 Responses to Why “Tossing Frogs”

  1. Bobbi Marr says:

    Becca, I am glad that I read “Why Tossing Frogs”. I was forced to smile as I began to see you for the first time. I never picked up on your humor before. I try to keep by black humor out of sight, which is probably a bad mistake. I’ll watch out for flying frogs.

  2. Claudia says:


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