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You Wake Up In Jakarta

When I told people where I was moving, the most common reaction was “I’m sorry. Did you say Jakarta? As in Indonesia?” Then they would sound out Indonesia phonetically like they were teaching the word to a four year old. … Continue reading

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Put Your Bra Back On and Turn and Cough

How did I end up sitting on an exam table talking to a complete stranger about breast health? Well, funny you should ask? You were asking, right? I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I first heard the news … Continue reading

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I Can See!!!

Overcoming anxiety, PTSD and gender dysphoria have all done wonders to help me see the road ahead of me. Almost all of these accomplishments and struggles in progress have been helped along the way by the Veteran’s Administration. One thing … Continue reading

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Turnabout at Endocrinology

At a recent support group meeting, I voiced frustration that I was only able to get premarin from the VA health care system. Another attendee asked why I couldn’t just get a prescription for estradiol that I could fill out … Continue reading

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The VA Circle Jerk

I got up early this morning and made the cross town journey on my bike to the VA hospital here in Denver to see my primary care doctor about getting back on hormones. What I was met with was more … Continue reading

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